28 December 2013

Microsoft Launches Guardian Safety App in India

Microsoft has launched a new safety application to the Windows phone users in India called ‘Guardian’. Guardian app brings up the features similar to the ‘Track my iPhone’ and Android ‘Device Manager’ to Windows phone users and in addition this application helps your loved ones to track you in case of any emergency. For tracking purpose the Guardian uses Windows Azure cloud platform and the Bing Maps API. There is also provided with an in built SOS button to make a call for help in emergency. Microsoft says this SOS call can be connected to police agencies or hospitals. 

The Guardian app is developed by Microsoft India division and it took past six months to release the application. Microsoft has set up an internal division called ‘Garage’ globally and lets its employees to explore their ideas to become fruitful. The Guardian App is considered as most suitable for girls and women who feel insecurity of the recent happenings in the country. One can add multiple persons names to the app and they will get alert messages in emergency and it gives some control to them also. If they are not able to attend the SOS call it will give an option for this and the SOS alerts will continue to go out even if the phone is destroyed. One can send emails and post to private Facebook groups by pressing the SOS button on the phone. Another feature of the Guardian application is that it will turn on one touch video recording and which could be used as an evidence later.

The development team of Guardian at Microsoft has left a footnote on the download page for the application ““The app helps women in distress by alerting their friends, families as a standalone app, as well as it is available as an integrated solution for Police or security agencies who can monitor distress SOS calls and provide help through a portal,” For downloading the application please follow Guardian for your Windows Phone

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